Disability Equality Training

DAII is Islington’s only pan-impairment, user-led Deaf and disabled people’s organisation and as such has unparalleled knowledge and understanding of disabled, and Deaf and disability equality issues. We work to raise awareness and understanding of Deaf and disability equality issues with statutory and voluntary sector providers, campaigners, researchers, and policy makers. 


The comprehensive knowledge, understanding and expertise gained from our work and role is fully utilised and reflected in the training programmes we deliver.


Our extensive direct experience of delivering bespoke disability equality training based on the social model to a range of staff has seen us provide training for a range of organisations including Citi Bank Group, London Underground, Guys Hospital, British Library and the BBC.


Our disability equality training powerfully and effectively communicates the experiences and needs of disabled people and supports and equips service providers & staff to identify both the barriers within their work/service that can disadvantage disabled people and the practical adjustments and solutions they can take to remove these barriers and provide excellent customer service.


Please contact us for more details including discussing our range of training offers to find the most suitable one for your organisation. 


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