Advice & Guidance

Our information & advice service can provide support on a range of issues such as housing, benefits, disability discrimination, social care, and dealing with utilities companies. Click on this link for more information.

Help with form-filling

As well as advice & guidance, our volunteers may be able to help you with filling in complex forms such as benefit applications

Audience and Lecturer

Disability Equality Training

DAII ​has unparalleled knowledge and understanding of disabled and Deaf and disability equality issues. We have extensive experience of delivering bespoke Disability Equality Training (DET) to clients such as Citi Bank Group, London Underground, Guys Hospital, British Library and the BBC. Click here for more information.



Housing Disability Panel

​The Housing Disability Panel is a group that provides Islington Housing Service with a disabled resident perspective on performance, and is made up of 12 disabled tenants from across the impairment groups. The panel comments on specific policies and procedures, their impact on disabled tenants and leaseholders and makes recommendations for improvements. Click here for more information.