Short Questionnaire about urgent & emergency care at Whittington Health

Whittington Health is planning for the future. As well as building a new maternity unit, the Trust will be next door to a new facility for patients with mental health needs. The Trust is also thinking about how technology will affect how and where patients are seen, and considering when patients prefer to be seen their home, and when they prefer to be seen in a bigger health centre with more support services.

They have asked Healthwatch and a range of partners in Islington to ask residents for their views on this.

They are particularly interested in Emergency Care, Maternity and gynaecological services and children and young people’s services.

In this group we will be talking about Urgent & Emergency Care

Anything you say may be included in our report. But it is confidential and we won’t identify you. However, if you say something that makes us worried about your safety, or someone else’s safety we may have to break this confidentiality.

Please fill in the form below. If you require a paper copy or would like help completeing this form please call DAI on 02073548925.

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