DAII calls for correction and action from Islington Council in relation to LTNs

We understand that at the Highbury East ward meeting on 3rd July 2021 it was claimed by Islington Council that Disability Action in Islington had been consulted by it in relation to the impact of LTNs on disabled residents in Islington. We want to state very clearly that this is not correct. Islington Council representatives met with us in October 2020, in our capacity as hosts of Islington’s Housing Disability Panel, to give a presentation to the Housing Disability Panel on LTNs, but this was by no means a consultation with DAII. Despite a direct request from us back in April, Islington Council has yet to fix a meeting with us to discuss our members' concerns about the Islington LTNs, which are having a seriously negative impact on some of their lives. To our knowledge Islington Council’s promise to hold focus groups with a range of groups with specific mobility needs before July 2021, and which we would expect to include DAII, has not been kept. We are therefore asking: 1. that it will be very clearly noted in the minutes of the Highbury East Ward meeting that the claims made by IBC at that meeting concerning consultation with DAII were not correct. 2. for a precise calendar of any upcoming activity that Islington Council has scheduled in for disability consultation, and specifically confirmation of what disability-related focus groups have been set up, with whom, the dates that they are scheduled to take place, and that DAII will be included. 3. that all LTNs in Islington (and preferably across London and countrywide) be suspended pending proper consultation with all residents, including disabled residents, to ensure necessary exemptions can be put in place to make LTNs work for all. Given that these LTNs were introduced under emergency powers, for Covid-related social distancing reasons, there can be no objection to suspending them from 19th July to coincide with the government ending the majority of Covid-related restrictions. Many of Islington's disabled residents have suffered isolation and extreme hardship throughout the pandemic and particularly since the imposition of the LTNs. They, like the rest of Islington's residents, deserve their 'freedom day'.

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