The HDP works with these groups to identify:

  • what’s working/not working locally & why.

  • priorities for disabled tenants & residents.

  • tasks needed to achieve these priorities.

  • what role tenants & residents have in achieving these priorities.

  • what resources or assets are already available.

The HDP works with groups of tenants & residents as geographical areas (e.g. estates or postcodes); or as borough-wide service users (e.g. the Repairs service) over three months. A report is produced for Islington Housing Service at the end of this three month cycle and made available to all stakeholders. 


  • For more details of our work,

  • To find out when we are coming to your area,

  • To recommend an area or service for us to work on, and

  • To find out about joining the HDP


Phone us on 020 7354 8925 or email us at


Housing Disability Panel (HDP).

The HDP is a group of local disabled tenants and residents who give feedback to the council on housing services policy and practise. The Panel is jointly facilitated by Islington Housing Service and DAII, and meets every month. 


The HDP works with:

  • Local disabled tenants & residents.

  • Their families & support networks.

  • Council & other statutory Services

  • Voluntary & Community Sector services.

  • The wider community.