Join DAII and make a difference!

  • Are you a disabled person living, working or studying in Islington?

  • Are you interested in disability issues and want to improve disabled peoples lives?

  • Do you want the chance to meet other local disabled people?

  • If yes then become a member of Disability Action in Islington (DAII).


So what do members do?


Our members help shape the work of DAII, this includes:


  • the services we run now and the services we should run in the future.

  • our campaigns and the messages we want service providers and decision makers to hear about the issues facing disabled people.


We will invite you to our Annual General Meeting and invite you to be involved in our campaigns.


Members also elect the Directors of DAII, and can nominate or stand for election themselves.


What's in it for you?


As well as shaping the work of DAII and making a difference to the lives of disabled people in Islington you will also be able to:


  • take part in DAIIs Annual General Meeting (AGM).

  • get involved with DAII campaigns.

  • take part in various consultations throughout the year.


What do we mean by disabled people, and who can be a member?


When we talk about disabled people we mean: people with physical or mobility impairments, people with visual impairments, people with learning difficulties, Deaf people and people with hearing impairments, people with hidden or cognitive impairments and people with mental health issues.


Membership is open to:

  • Disabled people living, working/volunteering or studying in Islington

  • Parents, carers or guardians of disabled Islington residents

  • People working or volunteering for a DDPO or similar organisation supporting disabled people in Islington


Does it cost anything to become a member?


No, membership is free. However, as a member of DAII you might be asked to give up to (but no more than) £10 if DAII goes bankrupt but rest assured DAII has a policy of keeping enough money in the bank to cover emergencies so this is unlikely to happen!


How do you apply to become a member?


It's easy!

  1. Contact us and we will send you some more information about DAII, including a membership form to be completed and returned to DAII

  2. Your application to become a member will then go to next Management Committee meeting

  3. If your application is agreed we will formally confirm you as a member